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When The Munchies Festival was established, our mission was to create an event that would provide a safe and fun environment for like-minded individuals to gather, meet and enjoy each other’s company and we are grateful that the support of our patients has allowed us to grow and evolve. Due to that support, we now have the ability to continue that mission on a larger scale. We believe that in order to strengthen the Cannabis Community, we must unify those within it and we thank those companies who have joined us in our endeavors.

Whether you are with a dispensary, a company or a charitable organization… If you are interested in forming a partnership with The Munchies Festival for the betterment of our community, we want to work with you. Any interested parties can reach us at

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Despite restrictive laws that are still in place, our generation is experiencing history in the making as we unite in our efforts to dispel the negative stigma associated with cannabis. We live in a revolutionary time for this community and it is exciting to see the various new cannabis-related businesses that are cropping up literally every single day. We at The Munchies Festival love to encourage the growth in this industry by supporting as many of these new and innovative companies as possible. Each week we do our best to add more sponsors to our event in order to keep things new and interesting for our patients while still giving them access to quality companies. It is also our firmly held belief that bringing like-minded individuals and brands together adds to the cohesiveness of our community, strengthening our collective mission to bring about the end of cannabis prohibition.

The Munchies Festival will continue to utilize all possible resources to further this mission, including this website itself. As it says on our home page, our main goal here is to keep our patients informed on everything Munchies Festival-related in one convenient place; but, as always, we would like to take it a step further. In addition to accepting new sponsors for our Sunday events, we are now extending the opportunity for interested companies to advertise on our site. We would like to make it very clear that this DOES NOT mean that we will be allowing everyone who contacts us to acquire advertising space. We will continue to uphold the highest of standards and will only expose our patients to quality brands that have met with our approval.

We would like to thank all past, present and future sponsors/advertisers for their support and we look forward to working with many more of you in the future. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor at The Munchies Festival, please contact us by DM (Direct Message) on Instagram @themunchiesfestival.

If you would like more information on how to advertise on our website, email